Sean Correa COO & CFO Correa Logistics



Sean Correa is the Founder and CFO of CORREA Logistics, LLC. His passion for helping others started during his days as an orthopedic physician assistant. Sean enjoyed 21 years in private practice, and his love was Surgery of the Hand and upper extremity. Sean helped countless individuals with acute and chronic orthopedic injuries and malformations. He was privileged to work alongside world-renowned orthopedic surgeons during his journey. Sean’s favorite memories were when he worked alongside his friend, John J. O’Hara, M.D. Together at UCLA Harbor, Grand Rounds, and Research Team; they concentrated on pediatric congenital hand deformities and upper extremity disorders. Together, they helped develop programs and organized speaking engagements to further the clinical research into these disorders.

His passion for helping people didn’t end there. Sean is the Business Development Officer/Managing Director and Global Strategist for a Medical Device Start-up company, Sanverbos, Inc. They have developed an innovative solution that will forever change the way surgeons operate and provide safety measures that exceed current standards in the operating room.
At CORREA Logistics, LLC., Sean assists in the development and expansion efforts into high-growth, emerging markets both domestically and internationally as well as its supply chain, logistics, and regulatory side.

CORREA Logistics, LLC., is a manufacturer-direct supply chain provider specializing in the procurement and delivery of personal protection equipment for the institutional market, including but not limited to federal and state agencies well as the medical and corporate industry at large. His goal is to provide hospitals, first responders, and Front-Liners with the proper safety equipment to safely do their jobs during this unprecedented global pandemic. With all this in mind, Sean founded Genesis 1 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Sean desires to continue his love of helping his fellow citizens of all levels of society, especially those suffering from the rarest forms of disease that afflict 1% of the population. Sean’s history of medicine and his passion for helping others has maintained throughout his life. He asserts his medical background and upbringing, is the reason for his success. Sean has the highest respect for his Father for his duty in the United States Navy and his family of first responders.

When Sean isn’t working, you’ll find Sean playing with his kids and enjoying his family time. He is an avid kayaker, loves the golf course, and playing his guitar. Sean believes strongly in giving back to his community and supports many local charities with his wife.


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